Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is the changing of their color by medicine preparation on basis of carbamide peroxide. We will create your snow-white smile with system of teeth whitening Beyond (USA)

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Whitening Beyond is a procedure using lamp system LightBridge. The device gives maximum intensity at minimum heat release. This type of whitening had a range of advantages over others.

Teeth brightening for 8-12 shades

Created snow-white smile independently of initial teeth color. Effect lasts up to 5 years, at this the color will always by lighter than the primary one.

Fast and safe

By virtue of Beyond laser system of whitening the whitening occurs fast, painless and without consequences. Deep cleansing of enamel structure from pigment deposits without its damage is conducted.

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Durability of whitening course

Durability of whitening course

Who performs the treatment?

Sergiy Chertov Sergiy Chertov
Sergiy Chertov
Doctor-dentist, implantologist
  • 26
    Years experience
  • Provision of comfortable and high-quality treatment is the major goal of my work.

How it will be done


Prior to whitening a small preparation process is conducted:

  • Consultation with doctor for determination of possible counterindications.

  • Mandatory removal of accretion and tooth calculus

  • Selection of desired teeth color by Vita scale

Procedure of whitening

Initially between teeth and gums is applied gel that will protect gums from whitening substance.

  • Whitening gel is applied at teeth.

  • Lamp-accelerator BEYOND is brought to teeth and switches on for 15 minutes. The procedure consists of three such cycles.

Whitening completion

Beside the snow-white smile, the enamel is solidifying approximately for 35%. In order to preserve the effect for long years you should adhere several rules:

  • Try not to consume coloring products within first 7 days after procedure.

  • Perform regular cleaning in dental cabinet at least once in 6 months.

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