Teeth restoration

We will restore the natural form of tooth independently of whether it was naturally deformed or not. Maximum precision restoration by virtue of apparatus for automatic color determination VTA Easyshade Compact

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Restoration allows to perform reconstruction of one tooth or complete teeth row, eliminate chippings an fissures, and also to correct position is orthodontic treatment is impossible.

There are direct and indirect methods of restoration

The first variant does not take a lot of time and anticipates the restoration in oral cavity directly. As materials serve photo-composites, completely imitating tissues properties.

The best method of indirect restorations are veneers.

Indirect method of restoration is used for cardinal change of teeth. In this variant are used ceramic inserts, veneers, crowns and other orthopedic structures,

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How it will be done

Preparation to restoration

Detailed examination of patient's oral cavity conditions is performed. Treatment is conducted, if necessary, in order not to infect in course of prosthetic operation. In order to return natural color to teeth, a hygiene cleaning of teeth from accretion and teeth calculus

  • If the whitening is also planned, then it has to be conducted first of all, because the restoration material is not subject to whitening.

  • After that the color of restoring tooth is detected and the color of restoration material is selected accordingly.

Teeth restoration

Further actions depend on restoration type.

  • In course of direct restoration layers of filling material of different shades and transparency are applied over each other, making the tooth looking naturally. Than the final form is modeled - the tooth is ground and polished.

  • At indirect restoration a part of enamel is ground off from the front tooth surface and an impression is made. Then by precise plaster modes ceramic veneers are made that can be fixed on teeth by special solution.

Treatment completion

In order to preserve the effect for long years you should adhere several rules:

  • In order to prevent restoration from fast wear you can purchase a toothbrush with soft bristles.

  • Undergo examination and polishing in dental cabinet at least once in 6 months.

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