Prosthetic dentistry

We will restore the integrity of teeth row without serious surgical intervention.

Maximum precision of impression by virtue of apparatus Pentamix 2 from 3M ESPE (USA)

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There are multiple technologies, methods and materials for two types of prosthetic (overdenture and permanently attached). We will select the variant, most suitable for you.

Overdenture prosthetics are used in case of absence of all teeth or their major part.

Contemporary prosthetics are strong, comfortable and aesthetic. They are safe and suitable for people of all ages. Each prosthetic is made with taking into account of individual peculiarities.

Permanent prosthetic are used when there are healthy teeth or their roots preserved in oral cavity.

Includes restoration of teeth, installation of crowns (single and bridge-like) and prosthetic on implants. Permanent prosthetic allows to achieve maximum naturalness of oral cavity and possess high aesthetic quality.

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Who performs the treatment?

Sergiy Chertov Sergiy Chertov
Sergiy Chertov
Doctor-dentist, implantologist
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How it will be done

Preparation to prosthetic
  • The color of restoring tooth is detected and the matching prosthetic is selected.

  • Further the individual prosthesis method is selected and treatment plan is composed.

Teeth prosthesis

Further actions depend on prosthesis type.

  • At installation of permanent prosthetics can require depulpation of teeth and filling of roots. After that the insert is installed, support tooth is grinded, the prosthetic is manufactured and installed.

  • At overdenture prosthetic is necessary to made the impression. On its basic the prosthetic is made that later is tried on> calibrated and fixed by individually selected method.

Treatment completion

In order to preserve the prosthetic for long years you should adhere several rules:

  • Clean overdenture prosthetics on regular basis.

  • Undergo examination of prosthetic conditions in dental cabinet at least once in 6 months.

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