New teeth - fast, painless and durable. New teeth would be better than previous ones by virtue of Switzerland implants Straumann

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Implantation by Straumann system

Implantation is the method of panting of implaint into bone tissue; above it an artificial tooth (crown) is installed. In our work we use production of leaden i the field of dental implantology, Switzerland company Strautman.

Strong and reliable

Implants Strautmann are made of titanium alloy Roxolid, which makes them incredible strong and durable. Also this metal does not cause negative impact on tissues, which significantly shortens the period of clinical survival rate and rehabilitation.

Innovative coating SLActive

SLActive coating does not repulse liquid, as it happens in other implants; by virtue of this the blood is circulating freely around the implant. This accelerated the formation of new bone around the implant in 4-5 times!

Clinical survival warranty

Form of implant completely matches anatomical form of tooth root and organism perceives it as a native root.

Terms of clinical survival

Terms of clinical survival

Who performs the treatment?

Sergiy Chertov Sergiy Chertov
Sergiy Chertov
Doctor-dentist, implantologist
  • 26
    Years experience
  • 3000
    Healthy customers

Professionalism and humanity are the main aspects in doctor's work.

How it will be done


Initially the customer's oral cavity conditions is estimated.

    If necessary, the treatment in conducted; in order to avoid the infection in course of operation, the oral cavity should be healthy.

  • Examination of oral cavity in order to detect its anatomical peculiarities.

  • Roentgenography

Planning of stages of classical teeth implantation and calculation of treatment cost are conducted simultaneously.

Implant installation

Major stage if surgical intervention.

  • Support part of implant, artificial titanium tooth root, is implemented into jaw bone.

  • Average time of operation is 40-50 minutes

  • Absolutely painless - the jawbone is insensible to pain, and the gum is frozen by mean s of local anaesthesic.

Installation of gum former

Abutment is an intermediate link between tooth implant and tooth crown, over-bone element on which the structure substituting lost teeth is fixed.

  • Operation on installation of gum former is conducted after the union of tooth implant with a bone. In course of procedure the surgeon removes screws-plugs, necessary for protection of implants during healing.

Installation of abutment and crown

Final stage of teeth implantation.

  • In a week after abutment installation impressions are made, by which plaster teeth models are made, and crowns are molded than.

  • Prior to installation the trying of crown on is conducted.

Treatment completion
  • Undergo examination and cleaning in dental cabinet at least once in 6 months.

  • Perform hygiene measures and doctor's recommendations.

Advantageous, even is you are not from Prague

Amati Dental Clinic has a range of advantages over other clinics of Prague and Europe, that's why we are often addressed for service of implantation from customers from other countries.


We purchase advanced implantation systems directly from manufacturer, thus allowing lower prices than average European ones, while preserving high quality of treatment.

More convenient

We will take for ourselves all cares related to your arrival and residence in Prague: we will meet you and escort to apartments at clinic.

Risk free

Primarily we will discuss the process and cost of treatment by phone or via e-mail. After your arrival to us you will not have further questions.



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