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We will release you from bleeding, swelling if gums and loose teeth. Fast and painless result by virtue of ultra-sonic device Vector Paro from Dürr Dental

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Bleeding and reddening, itch, pain or swell of gums are signs of gingivitus, parodontitis or parodontosis. These diseases are most often a consequences of wrong oral cavity hygiene, large quantity of gum deposits, and sometimes of incorrectly installed crown or filler.

The earlier you'll address the dentists, the lesser would be consequences.

At the first signs of reddening and bleeding of gums you should immediately address to dentist, because symptoms may disappear, but inflammation process will continue.

In case of addressing to specialist at early stage of disease development, than simple hygienic teeth cleaning may be sufficient. And in case of strong inflammation process a surgery intervention may be necessary.

By virtue of ultra-sonic device Vector Pari you will forget about gums bleeding.

Ultrasound will fast and painlessly remove teeth calculus and gum deposits that are initial cause of gum diseases development.

If you have bleeding, reddening or edema of gums than you should book a consultation right now!

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Fast release of pain and bleeding by ultra-sonic apparatus "Vector".

Who performs the treatment?

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Sergiy Chertov
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How it will be done

Selection of treatment method

Treatment of inflamed gums depends on cause of disease emergence.

  • In order to make a right diagnosis and selection of treatment method the 3D X-ray of a jaw is conducted.

  • If the inflammation develops due to collection of gum deposits, the dental hygiene should be performed

Parodontosis and paradontitis treatment

Teeth cleaning only is not enough for treatment of strong inflammation:

  • In case of formation of extragingival pockets (paradontitis) their cleansing of food remains and damaged tissues collected here is performed. After that a special medicine preparation are placed here.

  • In case of gradual lessening of gums' height (parodontosis) the enforcement of moving teeth via splinting can be necessary.

Treatment completion

After complex gums treatment the following prevention measures should be adhered to::

  • Adhere to rules of oral cavity hygiene and use dental thread.

  • Include in your ration more fruits, exclude sweets and carbonated beverages.

  • Undergo examination and cleaning in dental cabinet at least once in 6 months.

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