Teeth cleaning

Return of natural color t teeth and prevention of caries development. High-quality and fast work by virtue of ultrasonic device Vector Paro and Air Flow system.

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Teeth cleaning is a complex of measures aimed at complete removal of all types of accretions and calculus, emerged due to natural causes. In order to prevent caries occurrence this procedure is recommended to perform twice a year.

Cleaning prevents gums bleeding.

Small food remains and bacteria are gradually turning into tooth calculus that can go deep into gum canal. Gums start to bleed, peel off the tooth, and the tooth itself becomes loose. Professional teeth cleaning prevents such development of events.

Returns natural color to teeth.

After removal of accretions and calculus teeth have their natural color, which allows to select the shade of new filler, veneer or crown more precisely. If you want to whiten your teeth, you may probably like the natural color of teeth received after cleaning.

If you did the teeth cleaning more than 6 months ago, it's worth to book a consultation right now.

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Air Flow technology is an advanced method for teeth accretions removal.

Who performs the treatment?

Ivana Kožušková Ivana Kožušková
Ivana Kožušková
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I am specializing in oral hygiene for 5 years already. Disease prevention is a recipe for your teeth health.

How it will be done

Teeth cleaning

Process of teeth cleaning consists of three stages:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning using the scaler - approximately 95% of tooth calculus and 50% stains of coffee, tea and tobacco are removed.

  • Delicate manual cleaning for removal of under-gum calculus.

  • Final cleaning and polishing of teeth by Air Flow system - not only visible teeth surfaces but also inter-dental spaces are cleaned.

  • Polishing by brushes and pastes.

Procedure completion

After cleaning and polishing you can coat you teeth by protective fluoride film. This would increase durability of tooth enamel and will be an additional caries prevention.

  • If the doctor did not detect any complications in course of oral cavity examination, than you can forget about visiting dentist for 6 month more.

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