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Treatment of canals, fast and painless. Maximum precise result by virtue of visiograph EzSensor from VATECH.

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Treatment of canals includes removal of pulp, cleaning of canals from bacteria, formation of canals and their filling. Pulp is a soft tissue in tooth cavity, its inflammation is called endodontitis. Without timely treatment this can lead to periodontitis and even loss of the tooth.

The earlier you'll address the dentists, the lesser would be consequences. Operative treatment of endodontitis at early stages allows to preserve the tooth. At high inflammation or formation of festering ulcuses the tooth should be removed.

Method and terms depend on condition and number of canals in tooth.

In course of treatment the doctor detects the structure of tooth canals and voices treatment terms. Even if your canals are narrow and crooked, the dental microscope Carl Zeiss (Germalny) would allow to perform treatment in maximum precise and fast manner.

If all side of jaw is aching and at nights the pain becomes stronger, you should book a consultation right now.

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It's spread before the eyes! Visiograph VATECH allows to see the most difficult to access sites of canals and perform high-quality treatment.

Who performs the treatment?

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How it will be done

Pulp removal

Prior to beginning of the procedure the anaesthetic is injected, and complete isolation of tooth from saliva is performed, via placement of dental dam, in order to prevent bacteria intrusion in root canal.

  • Further occurs removal of caries cavity and roof of pulp camera. Then canals are cleansed of inflamed pulp and rinsed by antiseptic means.

  • Dependently of complicity of canal structure a break before filling can be necessary.

Expansion and filling of canals

By special tools the root canals are sunk for their whole depth and expanded to the necessary diameter.

  • After thorough cleaning the internal part of canal and inlet aperture are filled.

  • If the crown part of a tooth is severely ruined, then instead of a tooth the installation of crown should be necessary.

Treatment completion

After cleaning and filling of canals your tooth will not be different from other teeth in any way.

  • For several days the increased sensitivity of teeth to hot and cold food is possible..

  • Undergo examination and cleaning in dental cabinet at least once in 6 months.

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